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CR Boers Patriot's Rebel Rising

Sire: Show Me Boers Patriot **Ennobled**

Dam: CR Boers Maximum Bells

Born: September 9, 2014

What an exciting import buck to have standing in our barn!!! An own son of the Ennobled red buck Patriot, Rebel has some impressive progeny in the US already. Beautiful front end with lots of muscle carried deep in the rear, we are beyond excited to get kids on the ground sired by this really cool buck.

Du Sillon Rockstar VG87

Sire: BBR Bullseye VG89

Dam: Sugarfield Xana 490X EX

Born: November 29, 2012

Rockstar was added to our herd early fall of 2015. He has a really impressive pedigree, top and bottom. He boasts MASS from front to back. His kids have been moderate framed and super attractive. His easy going temperament coupled with the super kids he is putting on the ground are quickly making this guy a favorite around here.

Du Biquet Conviction


Born: March 21, 2014

Sire: Show Me Boers Righteous Comet VG89

Dam: Du Biquet Camomille VG87

Just love this perfect gentleman of a buck! He has developed into a really eye appealing package and the performance numbers his kids are posting firmly settled him into the number 1 ranking for our sires on GHIP. Really honest buck here!

Reference Sires

Pryme Pirate Flag VG87

PRY 160A

Born: January 31, 2013

Sire: Eggs Eggstra Flash And Chrome VG88

Dam: Pryme Talk Is Cheap


2015 GHIP Sire Summary:

Totally Kids Born: 11

Average BW: 10.27

Total Number Kids Weaned: 11

Average WW: 46.36

Average Adjusted WW: 57.45

NGB1 McFearsin

C014 NGB1

Born: March 14, 2013

Sire: SGR Polar's Superstar (Back 2 Nature Polar Express EN x DER BJ's Girl EN)

Dam: NGB1 Briar Ridge Elinor (SGR Stress Test x Brother's Boers NGB's Victoria)

2015 GHIP Sire Summary Results:

Total Number Kids Born: 17

Average BW:9.11

Total Number Kids Weaned: 13

Average WW: 47.46

Average Adjusted WW: 48.92

Du Sillon Troubador VG87

Du Sillon Troubador VG87

PFS 132Y

Born: December 9, 2011

Sire: Sugarfield Trademark VG89

Dam: Sugarfield Tracy VG89

Troubadour's 2014 GHIP Sire Summary results:

AVG WW 55.5 lbs


AVG BWT 8.17



Real Desjardins Luidji VG89

Real Desjardins Luidji VG89


Born: February 27, 2010

Sire: AAW Josef

Dam: Real Desjardins Helo