Spring Valley Boer Goats             

  Registered Purebred & Percentage Boer Goats

2015 Customers

Helle Fisher, Rockfield Boers - Congratulations on your purchase of our choice lot in the Share Your Herd Sale. Helle selected Springvalley Kaddy (pictured at right) but also took home maternal half sister Springvalley Kadence.

Barb Maxemiuk, Maxview Boers - Congratulations Barb on your purchase of US import sire NGB1 McFearsin!

Wytze VandeBelt - Congratualtions on your selection of two super traditional doelings (one of them pictured fourth picture below) as well as a purebred buck kid out of Sugarfield Young Love VG88 x NGB1 McFearsin .(pictured third picture in below)

Brent Nostadt, Ogema, Saskatchewan - Brent selected a really nice traditional buck kid from our 2015 kid crop sired by NGB1 McFearsin and out of Sugarfield Zestfully Clean VG87 (pictured third picture below), great choice! Also headed to Saskatchewan is Du Sillon Flicka VG85. Best of luck with these two exceptional animals Brent!

Becky Visser, Bowmanville, Ontario - Becky selected a high gaining percentage doeling out of Pryme For The Glory VG86 (pictured first picture below), as well as purebred doeling out of Sugarfield XYZ. Also going home with Becky a 2015 buck kid out of Du Sillon Flicka and sired by McFearsin. Have fun with these great animals Becky!

Brenda Wilson, Fenwick Ontario - After purchasing a buck kid from us in 2013, Brenda returned to purchase a nice percentage doeling out of Springvalley Hide Your Crazy, as well as one of our herd favorites, mature percentage doe, Medicine Creek Dora 2 VG86. Best of luck with these great females Brenda!

Melissa Wilson, Fenwick, Ontario - Congratulations to Melissa on selecting mature percentage doe Pryme Spring Fling VG85 as well as a 2015 commercial buck kid out of top producer Pryme Heart Throb!

Peter and Nancy Martin, Aylmer, Ontario -  Peter and Nancy selected a nice pair of commercial doelings, as well as a commercial buck kid sired by Pryme Pirate Flag.  We wish you the best of luck as you grow your herd! Welcome to the meat goat industry.

Helle Fisher, Rockfield Boers - Helle took home some of our top end percentage does in Pryme Heart Throb, Springvalley Hearts on Fire and Springvalley Hide Your Crazy (a Pryme Painted Lady daughter). Thank-you so much for your return business Helle! Glad to see these great gals heading your way Helle!

Jared Ball - took home commercial buck kid 10C. This kid was our highest gaining kid for 2015 with an ADG 0.58 lbs/day and weaning weight of 62 lbs. A twin out of first time kidder Springvalley Hearts On Fire. Great pick on a hardy, fast growing commercial kid!

A Sincere THANK-YOU to all of our customers, new and returning, for selecting Springvalley animals to add to your herd!

2014 Customers


James and Lisa Neeb - Congratulations on acquiring Du Sillon Troubador VG87!

Ryan and Christie Prins, Wooler, Ontario - Percentage doeling Springvalley Sweet Heart

Tracy Livingston, Lucknow, Ontario - A super fall born commercial buck kid

Tobin and Erin Schlegel, Sugarfield Farms - Purebred triplet doeling out of Southcoast Opalina and by BBR Archangel (pictured at left) 

Rockfield Boers, Paul and Helle Fisher - congratulations on your purchase of three solid doelings to add to your herd

Rockfield Boers, Paul and Helle Fisher - returned to purchase a purebred buck kid, Springvalley Blurred Lines, out of Du Sillon Kaddy VG88 and a commercial buck kid out of Pryme Painted Lady VG87  who posted a whopping 0.67 ADG from birth to weaning (dam raised as a twin). You took home some nice ones!

Keagan Prins, Wooler, Ontario - A BIG Congratulations to Keagan on his purchase of our Share Your Herd Lot. Keagan selected three beautiful percentage doelings from the heart of our 2014 kid crop (one is pictured below)! Good luck building your herd Keagan!

Ryan and Christie, Pryme Farms, Wooler, Ontario - A neat little percentage doeling out of Medicine Creek Dora VG86 and sired by Du Sillon Troubador VG87.

Austin Pereira, Grassie, Ontario - Austin purchased a really nice Troubador sired triplet commercial buckling to use on his commercial doe herd.

Mathieu Kiefer, Unity, Saskatchewan - Mathieu was seeking out performance tested buck kids to improve kid performance in his commercial herd. He selected two fast growing and high gaining young bucklings, out of Medicine Creek Ruby and Pryme Spring Fling (both sired by Du Sillon Troubador).

2013 Customers

Ryan and Christie Prins, Pryme Farms, Wooler, Ontario - Percentage doeling out of Medicine Creek Ruby and by Pryme Bred To Be Somebody

Larry and Kathryn Vokes, Jarvis, Ontario - commercial buck kid out of Pryme Turn Me On And Turn Me Loose

Brenda Wilson, Fenwick, Ontario - purebred buck kid out of Du Sillon Flicka

Kara McGonigle, Alberta - a beautiful doeling out of Du Sillon Kaddy (pictured right)

John and Barb Maxemiuk, Maxview Boers, Brantford, Ontario - a group of 3 doelings

Donald Gracey, St.Ann's, Ontario - commercial buck kid